Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Once upon a time... there was a fairy tale
“Once upon a time… blah blah blah… and they lived happily ever after…” 

Who doesn’t like a good fairy tale? Fairy tales have delighted children from the time of our great grandparents and long before that too.

There's just something about a fairy tale that hooks you in. Ever since I read my grandmother’s copy of Grimm’s fairy tales as a child, I began to see the world through a magical lens. I read fairy tale books by the dozen… Evenings after school, weekends and holidays began to be filled with escapades into another world.

The greatest appeal of these fairy stories is that good always wins, the bad people always get what they deserve and true love triumphs. Throw in a damsel in distress and a dashing rescuer or maybe a gentleman in distress and a dashing damsel who rescues him. And it doesn't get any better than that.

So what's better than reading a book of fairy tales? Writing one, of course!

Wouldn't you like to write your own?

Here's how you can with this time tested fairy tale formula:

The Main Protagonist
This could be a typical fairy tale heroine like Cinderella (damsel in distress) or someone like Lucy Pevensie (the brave heroine).

The Setting
It could be set in the past with the age old "Once upon a time..." or it can be a contemporary character who falls into an age old adventure. The sky is the limit so get as creative as you want to be.

The Adventure
This is the plot for your fairy tale. Throw in some good characters who help the main protagonist and some bad characters who cause the problems. The protagonist overcomes the difficulties with the help of good supporting characters.

The Grand Finale
This is the final culmination of the troubles and the happily ever after. If you want to do a sequel, then do a cliffhanger instead of happily ever after.

Here's my version of a fairy tale that takes the brave heroine Samantha Bennett from the present to a strange new land where she meets her dashing Prince from another time. I'm still writing this story and would love to hear new ideas on how to take the story forward.

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